The good, the bad and the ugly of being in the Property Industry

October 15, 2020

If you are thinking of joining the work forces in Real Estate, there are few thigns good to know.

1. The Good

Being a real estate agent means that you are your own boss.

You are not required to sit at your desk all day long, and you get to meet new people every day.

You make your own schedule, offering lots of flexibility. If you work diligently and the market is in your favor, you can earn very good money. At Owners Best we have tested and tried systems in place for every agent to become successful.

Follow the system, work hard and results will come.

2. The Bad

Most of the customers of an estate agent work in office jobs (0900 – 0500) and this means that most likely you will have to show properties in the evening. We work on advertising and communication with clients a lot from office, but viewings are being done whenever client can, and client can view afternoons, public holidays, saturdays and sundays…

Being Estate Agent is not job, it is a way of life!

As an estate agent you have great responsibility, because your clients are making the largest investment in their entire lives. Problems may come up the last minute, and in order to close the sale you need to think and act fast. You have to understand their worries and problems, and do your utmost to solve what can be solved from our side.

3. The Ugly

You are not in control of the market, and therefore an economic crisis can seriously impact your work and therefore your income. Unfortunately, the property market – specifically property development, has been in the news for the wrong reasons in the last couple of years…many people, due to their lack of knowledge of what agents work entails, tend to find agents guilty for high prices, problems in construction and many more issues that are actually not fault of an agent.

Negative media, unfortunately, damages the reputation of a whole industry and not just the person that has done wrong.

4. Good, Bad or Ugly?

Like in every industry, in Real Estate there are bad and ugly things, but Good ones such as flexible working hours, independence and unlimited possibility to earn are outweighing bad days that happen in a life of an agent.