How to stage your home for potential buyers

December 17, 2020

Your home is on the market and you are starting to get viewings from potential buyers.

How can you make your home more attractive in order to sell faster? Staging your home for potential buyers is crucial.

What does home staging mean? Staging a house is the process of strategically placing furnishings and décor to make the house look its best. This can involve freshening up your belonging or storing some of your stuff.

Your potential buyers need to see themselves living into your home and having too many personal items will hinder that vision.

Here are some tips how to stage your home:

1. Remove clutter

The first important step is to remove any clutter. A clean and clutter-free home looks bigger. Remove as many personal items and knick-knacks as possible. Ideally you box everything up and move everything out of the house, once everything is out, deep clean your home with a particular emphasis on the kitchen and bathrooms. We all know that kitchens and bathrooms sell a property.

Open up the windows and if you have pets make sure to wash their things and anything they touch. Pets are part of your family, but potential buyer might be afraid of your pet, or allergic to hair, and the last thing you want is that buyer runs out of your house in fear or gasping for air!

2. Give natural light and bright look feel

Having natural light is so important, however sometimes the décor that we use can make a room look darker than it actually is.

Use light colors to brighten the walls, light throw overs will give your sofa a fresh look, and don’t forget to change any light fixtures that need to be changed. Consider changing a light fixtures to give them a more modern look. Don’t forget to dust chandeliers and all the lightbulbs.

3. Rearrange Furniture

One should only keep the basic furniture and store away non-essential. Removing extra furniture makes room look more spacious.

Once you have removed any access furniture, now it’s time to rearrange the furniture there is. It is recommended to position furniture away from walls. It is a design technique called ‘floating’ the furniture.

This helps the potential buyer visualize the space in your home and what they could actually do.

4. The Façade

Having a well lit and curated façade, would definitely give a good impression to the potential buyers. Make sure it is clean including any windows, and if you have any plants, make sure to remove any dead leaves. Embellish your façade as much as possible.

5. Those extra touches

When everything is complete, just add those extra touches that make your home more cozy such as flowers or a fresh bowl of fruit. Have your towels in the bathroom folded nicely. If you are still living there, you can store your extras into a closet so when the estate agent calls that they are coming with clients, everything is in its place and ready for visitors.

Last but not least – before people come into your house make sure it is well-aired and smells nice! Never overdo with air-refresheners, they can be overwhelming, try to keep scent mild, yet pleasant.