Modern vs Old: Which property is for you?

October 5, 2020

When it comes to choosing your home there are a number of decisions that need to be taken.

One of them is whether to choose a modern or an old home. This choice is mostly based on your personal preference. Some are immediately drawn to the charm of an older house, whilst others prefer starting on a clean slate of a modern / new house. Whichever kind of property you choose, there will always be the pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of each type of property


1. Pros: Larger rooms in Older Properties

If you’re buying a House of Character, Townhouse or Farmhouse, you have a combination of matured and strong foundations and a number of characteristics and are no longer found in modern homes.

One of the major appeals is that older homes tend to have larger rooms than modern homes. The majority of older homes have individual rooms and not open plan, which would be larger in size. Many would either have a back garden or a central courtyard, which can be very attractive for young families, however, such properties are also pricier!

2. Pros: Thicker walls

It is well known that older homes have thicker walls. This proves to be a great form of insulation both during the winter months and the summer months. During the winter months that warmth from heaters and other home appliances stays inside, whilst during the summer months it prevents the heat from the sun to penetrate thus leave the home cooler.

However, common problem in some old houses might be humidity, due to natural characteristics of Maltese stone, so such houses have to be aired regularly.

3. Cons: Renovations

When opting for an old house, prepare yourself to carry out some renovations. The amount of renovations that need to be carried out depends mostly on the conditions of the property. Some properties require full conversion, whilst others require basic repairs. However, once you start uncovering, new issues will crop up.

4. Cons: Maintenance

Maintenance of a property is very important, however, the maintenance cost at older properties can be very high. When carrying out maintenance works, there needs to be a balance between preserving the old characteristics and modern amenities.

If you are looking for an old home, make sure not only that you entrust a reputable estate agent, but also that you have an architect to visit your property. The architect will give you an idea of the works that need to be carried out and an estimate of such costs.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a MODERN HOME, here are some pros and cons:

1. Cons: Thin Walls

The way modern buildings are built nowadays is totally different than older homes. One of the major differences is that the walls are thinner. This means that you might require extra effort to heat or warm your home or forego the additional cost of installing additional insulation.

2. Cons: Lack of Character

Modern homes tend to be built in the same layout, thus lacking that character feature. Older homes were built specifically for the family living there, hence having more character. Modern homes are nearly all alike, whilst old homes are all different.

3. Pros: More Energy Efficient

Many new developments are now required by law to submit an energy efficiency certificate. Properties that are being sold finished, would most likely have installed double glazed windows. Double glazed windows not only reduce the noise level from the outside but keep the temperature inside your home at a stable level.

4. Pros: Easy to Personalise

Modern buildings are far easier to personalize with minimal intervention from your end. New buyers would be able to choose all color schemes and other things which in older homes you would be unable to choose.

5 Pros: Modern Layout

In modern properties layout trends follow trends of modern living, therefore, most family spaces comprise of the combined kitchen with dining and living area, while in old homes those would be separate rooms.

Whatever your preference, it is important to engage a reputable estate agent to help you find the perfect home, and to ensure you are doing the best deal possible.