How Owners Best Works

January 9, 2020

1. Can you explain how your system works?

Today, you can choose any way how to sell your property!

If you want to sell, you call our office on 2149 2299 and make an appointment with our representatives.
They are coming to your house to explain all details about services we will give you to help you sell.

There are following options to choose from:


You can choose to work with Owners Best under an OPEN AGENCY agreement (same like all other agents). You will have super focused agents working on your property, however advertising is not guaranteed.

Option 2 – SOLE AGENCY

You can sell under Sole Agency agreement where you will have guaranteed marketing and advertising with our office number. You will have best advertising possible PLUS a team of super focused agents working on your property.

2. How much your SMS ALERT service costs?

SMS ALERT service is FREE of charge. Our intention with that service is to connect buyer and seller the fastest possible way.

3. I want to sell my house, how much I have to pay for advertising?

You don’t pay anything until you sell.
You only pay if you sell.

4. What if I decide not to sell and I’m already listed with you?

You can call our office and tell us that you don’t want to sell any more. We will send you STOP ADVERTISING LETTER and you should sign it and send it back to us.
When we receive it signed, we are stopping advertising of your property.

5. How much do I have to pay if I decide not to sell my property?

If you decide not to sell your property you owe us nothing, so you don’t have to pay anything,
You only pay if you sell.

6. What if I change my mind again and want to put it back on the market?

Then you should call our office again and ask us to put property back on the market. We will guide you further on.

7. I want to buy property, what do I have to pay to Owners Best?

Buyer doesn’t pay anything to Owners Best.