New curtains – new home or how to refresh your home without breaking a bank

May 19, 2021

One of the easiest, fastest, simpliest and the most effective ways to refresh your home is by getting new curtains or blinds.

Which material you should choose, which style of curtains, which length… it all depends on size of your room, size of windows you have, amount of light you wish to have in the space and colours of furniture.

Depending on your wish you may opt for modern, classic, retro style, you may like simple sheers or some playful colourful ones. Pattern and colours, size of curtain can make your space look visually bigger or smaller, wider or narrower.

In small and not so well lit spaces you should choose light coloured, transparent curtains. They will make whole space feel lighter, and more airy.

Heavy material curtains are recommended only for very large spaces with large walls and windows where curtain will give cosy feeling to large space and make it more warm and homey.

There is also always middle way to go – simple curtains with very few patterns, hanged on metal or wooden curtain rail will always fit well into any space.

Shape and type of curtain will also depend on the remaining decor of your room. You may choose classic curtains, then nowadays quite popular vertical blinds that can be found in numerous colours and thickness of material or roman blinds that are also gaining popularity in many contemporary homes.

One of the most important choices is colour of your new curtains. Colour must be chosen in consideration of the rest of your furniture and soft furnishings, but also having in mind mood you want to create in the room.

Warm orange, red, yellow colours will brighten up the room and bring in vividness while classic grey, blue or white colours are calming. To make space feel classy but still intimate, not too vivid and not too calm one can use dark purple, deep dark red or dark grey colours.

Another important factor is a length of curtains. By using long curtains your space will look vertically higher and you will get the feeling that window itself is higher. This is especially useful in spaces with high windows such as semi-basement dwellings where curtains make all the difference in how place will eventually look and feel.

Choosing shorted curtains/roller blinds or similar will bring in feeling of less formal, more casual space.

In the end, one of the main questions everybody asks himself is how much of material I will need to buy for new curtains…well it is easy, height you can calculate from the ceiling till wanted length of curtain plus 10 cm more for the seam, while width will take about 2,5 – 3m for each meter length of your curtain (so if you have to cover 2m of window, it will take you 5-6m of material).

So if you did your spring cleaning, another non-expensive step in giving some new fresh look to your space would certainly be getting new curtains!