A Day in the Life of an Estate Agent

October 12, 2020

As an Estate Agent, you assist people through the process of buying, selling and renting any kind of property whether residential or commercial.

Most importantly an Estate Agent has to keep up with not only new trends but also keep up to date with new regulations.


Each day differentiates from the other, however the top priority is to respond to the needs of the buyers and sellers which sometimes can mean changing plans at the last minute.

The majority of Estate Agents are able to make their own schedule, depending on their clients needs. Despite that, every day is unique, there would be some activities during the day that are typical to the day of an estate agent. One of the reasons why people decide to embark into this career is the flexibility and variety of the job.

Administrative Tasks

Notwithstanding the variety of the day-to-day job, an Estate Agent still needs to fulfill a number of tasks on a regular basis.

Tasks that include administrative duties, marketing and lead generation, research, client appointments and training. The majority of clients meetings would be held in the afternoon or early evening because of their availability, therefore administrative tasks would be carried out in the morning.

When a property is sold, a promise of sale needs to be done before the final contract is signed. The Real Estate Agent would need to be present during the promise of sale agreement and the final contract.

Marketing and Lead Generation

As an Estate Agent, you need to continuously find new properties and new buyers because income is generated from the selling of property. Thus, as an Estate Agent, one needs to have a flow of clients looking to buy or sell a property. This entails quite some work from the marketing and lead generation perspective.

The marketing of a property has now become more creative, as posting on a website is not the only thing to be done. An Estate Agent has to now market the property on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or both. The more engaging content, an Estate Agent puts out the more likely that she/he can attract new buyers or sellers, thus increasing the client portfolio.


As with any role, training is key to keep abreast with the latest trends and regulations. Estate Agents have to keep up to date with the latest regulations, so as to give valuable advice to their clients. This would not substitute advice sought from lawyers and notaries, but the Estate Agent can definitely guide his clients in the right direction.

Like with every other job, being an Estate Agent has its ups and downs but it is very rewarding, especially when seeing the happiness of the people whom you helped find the perfect home.

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