Tips on how to keep your property in good shape

July 9, 2020

Whether it is your residential home, or a rental property, having a well-maintained property would eventually transform into money.

Why?  Keeping your property in good shape, will make it more attractive to either potential buyers or renters. Here are some tips on how to keep your property in good shape:

1. Regular Maintenance

When you are a home owner, maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis to avoid damage to your property, which would lead into a higher expenses in the future.  General maintenance should be carried out every change of season or as deemed necessary.

In humid countries like Malta, it si recommended painting of property on a yearly basis to ensure prevention of mold forming.

Your local ironmonger surely has liquids and paint to prevent growth of mold. Mold isn’t only unpleasant to see in the property, but can also cause allergies and health problems, so regular maintenance of walls is very important.

2. Attention to detail – replace old switches

If you are carrying out maintenance in a just purchased property, then pay attention to the small details.  You might decide to paint the whole property but then refrain from changing old switches.  Keep in mind that switches are still prone to wear and tear to the elements such as humidity, and therefore need to be replaced.  

3. The Front Door

First impressions count and the front door should be painted in a decent white or brown color, or any color that is inviting. This is a quick and cost effective way, to give your old front door a fresh look. Many Maltese Town Houses boast lovely read or blue apertures…these need to be kept well and frequently refreshed.

4. Replace old door handles

There is nothing more annoying than having handles that are broken or dull looking.  Replace them with more modern looking door handles and at a budget your whole internal doors would look refreshed again.

5 .Rooftops

It is important to inspect the rooftops for any cracks that might cause a leak when the rain season starts.  Water seepage can cause a lot of damage to your property. Rooftops expansions have to be sealed every 1-2 years to prevent water penetration. Damp patches will form on your ceiling or walls making it look shabby and would cost and energy to get it resolved.

6. Balconies and terraces

Balconies and terraces are usually covered with tiles. Grouting between tiles needs to be sealed every 2 years to prevent water sipping through tiny cracks that appear due to harsh sun.

7. Windows

Don’t forget to take care of your windows.  Through time, windows tend not to seal properly allowing not only water seepage from the rain, but also wind drafts.  This will make the place feel cold during the winter months, and would require a higher cost to keep it warm.  

Maintaining your property on a regular basis, saves you money in the long run.  Keep track of the maintenance works you have carried out, so as to make sure don’t miss any area of your home.