Choosing the right property for your needs

September 28, 2020

Whether it’s your first time purchasing a property or it’s your second time, choosing the right property that caters for your needs might be challenging.

Many might be under the impression that choosing the right property has to only do with the cost of the property and if it fits within your budget, but in reality, there is much more than that.  

Choosing the right property that fits your needs can be more problematic than one might think.  Considerations such as location, available facilities, property style, finished standards and future potential are all important and valid.  Continue reading for some insights on how to choose the right property for your needs.

1. Location and Facilities

Despite that fact that Malta is a small island and distances are relatively short, one might consider the proximity to certain facilities such as schools, supermarkets, bus stops for connectivity, restaurants etc.

The locality is also important because some areas sell faster and get better price than others.  In fact, being close to the right facilities, and possibly other family members can be a major decision point.

2. Type of Property

Another important aspect of picking the right property to consider is the actual type of property that it can become. 

This depends on the size of your family, because the large the family the larger the property you will need.

It also greatly depends whether you are ready to carry out maintenance works yourself, whether you prefer houses of character or modern property. If you aren’t skilled in maintaining house, it is better to choose an apartment or penthouse where your input to maintenance will be minimal.

However, if you are handy and like working around house, then houses are for you! Houses are very demanding maintenance-wise but they provide certain freedom one doesn’t have in an apartment block.

The type of property is worth in line with the location.  Purchasing an apartment in an upmarket area such as Tigne Point, can cost you the same price as purchasing a nice house in Siggiewi, if not more. Therefore, if you are flexible with the type of property you would like, you might want to consider the location first, see your preferences for home and then decide.

3. Improvements

A very important aspect is the potential of the property.  Whether it is making alterations or add extensions to the existing property that would add value, this is an important aspect to consider.  Obviously, if you are purchasing the property for investment purposes, then you would need to make improvements depending on whether it is going to be a rental or holiday let that would generate future income. 

Nowadays there are many properties that may be bought on plan, where you may have possibility to amend certain parts of layout of your future property while it is still being built. However, many or complicated amendments may not be possible to do, or may end up very costly, so when purchasing property on plan, agree all ahead with the owner so that both parties know what to expect.

4. The Rooms

This may sound a cliché, but the kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, choosing a kitchen that can fit a growing family is key. This is the reason why modern building practices usually feature “open plan” layout where the kitchen, living, and dining area are part of the same space creating unobstructed flow, and create a feeling of being together for the whole family.

5. The Outside Area

Having an outside area, whether it is a yard, back garden or a terrace is important not only to have ample natural light but also to have an outside area to spend some relaxing time.  If you enjoy entertaining, then having an outside area would serve as an extension to your indoor space.

Most modern buildings are planned in a way to provide some outdoor space to each unit, even if it is only a small balcony for a small table and 2 chairs, it is worth its space in all those relaxing morning coffees you can spend there!