Benefits of Living on a Small Island

March 18, 2021

With a population of just around 500,000, Malta is amongst one of the smallest countries in the World.

The benefits of living on a small island, most of the time can also be a downside. It depends mostly on the lifestyle one wants to have. Here are some benefits of living on a small island:

1. The sense of community

When you are living in a small village / town, the community feeling builds quicker. Everyone knows everyone. You start getting to know the habits of your neighbours and you become like a family. Maltese are very warm and friendly people and most foreigners find themselves fitting into society easily. If you are of the people who want to have a maximum and strict privacy, this will be hard to achieve cause everybody knows everybody, and in a small place your movements cannot pass unnoticed. There is nearly impossible to hide anything in a small island! If you are relocating to a small country, you also get to know the expats, however it can be heart breaking having to say goodbye.

2. Distances are short

The distances from one locality to the other are short. Commuting to and from work does not take hours. You might live in the same area as your workplace and you can then enjoy a walk. However, if you don’t live in the same locality and have to use car or public transport to commute to work, during rush hour traffic can be dense and slow down your commute time.

3. Easy access to entertainment

Whatever your idea of your entertainment, it is easily accessible when you live on a small island.

Whether you like relaxing at the beach, enjoying outdoors activities, or prefer the nightlife, access to these places is easy.

If you have a young family, then proximity to beaches, countryside, and other forms of entertainment for the children is a must. There is no need to drive for hours to reach the beach, which makes the experience more enjoyable.

If on the other hand, you want to enjoy the nightlife and clubbing, then again, many nightclubs are concentrated in one area and you can walk from one club to another.

4. The Weather

Particularly in Malta, the weather is very mild with practically 300 days of sun. The summers are hot and the winters are mild but humid.

There are few days of continual rain. Even during the winter months, the temperature outside is warm, although there have been days where it felt really cold due to the high humidity levels.

Amazing weather is definitely one of Malta’s strong points when deciding about life here!

Living on a small island might not be for everyone, but those who experience it see the benefits.